5 Hairstyles to Try this Fall

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As the end of September approaches and the weather starts cooling down I think it's fair the say that Autumn is almost upon us (can you smell the pumpkin spice in the air?) And what better way to welcome the new season than with a new look?! Continue reading to see the 5 hottest hairstyles for the fall and lets bid summer adieu with a new 'do.


  1. Staight Bob Cut

If there is one super feminine short haircut for then it’s surely the straight bob cut. 


2. The Chic Pixi Cut

Oh, how we love a cute pixie! This cut looks great on almost anyone and you can try it in any color.

3. A Pop of Color

Get inspired by the changing colors of the leaves and try a pop of purple, deep orange or burgundy this fall.

4. Full Body Curls

Large, lengthy curls that frame the face is perfect for the fall! Glamorous and sexy.

5. Dark and Milk Chocolate

Two different shades of brown look fantastic when they are used together. Dark browns and creamier milk chocolate browns complement each other really well. Highlights like these enhance the appearance of your curls. 

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