Tom Ford Has Way More Friends Than We Do, And He Has The Lipsticks to Prove It

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When it comes to our BFF's we have matching jewelry and share just about everything but have you named a lipstick after her? Well, Tom Ford has. In his new lipstick collection, he's honoring his closest friends by naming every shade after someone he loves...all 100 of them (I don't even know 100 people).

The collection includes "50 Boys and 50 Girls" in a variety of finishes in basically every and any color that your inner makeup guru could imagine. Each tube will set you back about $36, which is a well-warranted splurge for the long-lasting formulas that glide on like butter.

So if you’ve ever wanted to have a pout just like Naomi’s, Carine’s or Scarlett’s (we assume Campbell, Roitfeld, and Johansson), now’s your chance.

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