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In a fast-paced digital age, accessibility of information is consistently expanding. Most specifically, YouTube serves as a great platform to view millions of videos. Unfortunately, the amount of videos available often makes it difficult to find the best beauty bloggers and their expertise for installing the best hair styles. Here is Chanel Life's list of our top 5 favorite beauty influencers:

1. Malibu Dollface

Malibu Dollface is the leading media influencer in the hair game right now. With over four years under his belt reviewing various hair companies. He serves as the person to please as his digital reach spans across all social media platforms. Boasting over 470,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 380,000 followers on Instagram.
 2. Peakmill
Peakmill is a highly respected Nigerian, US YouTuber best known for creating amazing wigs and makeup tutorials. Peakmill has a vast following on Youtube of over a million subscribers. Peakmill creates easy to follow videos on YouTube showcasing how to slay one’s wig from beginning to end no matter the style.
Ivy P. Dear is a Lifestyle Vlogger that covers a plethora of topics. Ranging from hair extensions, natural hair care, makeup, and an inside look into her life. Ivy is a veteran with 7 years of vlogging experience earning her over 2.7 million views.
Jaelah Majette is twenty-two-year-old YouTube Personality. Compared to the personalities previously mentioned, Jaelah is newer to YouTube with two years’ experience. In that short amount of time, Jaelah has managed to grow her fan base by remaining open and honest about her life and taking viewers along on her natural hair journey through protective styling.
Aaliyah Jay is a YouTuber that mainly covers hair and makeup tutorials. Ms. Aaliyah Jay has an ever growing and loyal fan based comprised of over 980,000 subscribers on YouTube! Viewers can find makeup tutorials for every occasion on her page in addition to hair reviews and entertaining story times.
Written By: Korede Akinyelure

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